On having dozens of unfinished drafts

Contrary to [popular] belief, I log in to this WordPress pretty frequently. Once inside, I begin typing up whatever is on my mind – usually something that would otherwise go into my LiveJournal in an incoherent form, or something that would get Tweeted in a 140-character form. I try to add something different – a bit of flair, a bit of soul, a bit of word count – to my WordPress posts, but the only different conclusion is that, while the LiveJournals and the Tweets and the paper journal entries see the day of light, the WordPress posts never be published.

Multiply this series of unpublished drafts by seven or eight, and you'll have my Posts page.

And in the process of typing up this entry, I strayed away to NetFlix (where I am watching Hey Arnold! – seriously, who ever decided to end that show?!), Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Foodgawker and my research (the one productive movement I made).

And, thanks to this, I can’t remember the original purpose of this post, which I think was something along the lines of “deep procrastination” and motivation.

Music: Happily Divorced (TV)

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