Hello World!

Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Late-Night Friday (GPOYLNF)

This blog is one of perhaps dozens of blog attempts to my name (or e-mail address, rather). The only “successful” “blogs” I have created were quickly turned into private electronic journals for deep seas of introspection and vast fields of links to funny Internet pictures and cute animals with captions glued to them.

I start every blog the same way – that I am turning over a new leaf, that I vow to keep up with this blog, that I will not let it degenerate (or evolve, rather) into a webcomic fest. I also include a note about how I start every blog the same way. I also include a note about including a note about how I start every blog the same way. A few more fractals of this, and we will have hit a blog inception of sorts.

I can’t definitely say that this will be any different from previous endeavors, but since I have a little bit of extra time on my hands this summer, I thought it’d be a nice time to refine my writing.

Every piece of writing I do has a different audience: Sometimes a friend. Sometimes a professor. Sometimes whichever [bored] soul decides to read one of my articles or editorials in the college newspaper. Each audience warrants a different writing style, but in writing so much for other people, I have forgotten how to write for myself. Most of my journal entries cycle in and out of professional, conversational, journalistic and some weird hybrid style that just can’t be categorized.

I guess this has more recently extended to my lifestyle. In working so hard to do what I thought other people expected me to do, I forgot how to tap into my passions by doing a million and one things I hated and knew I hated. And while I was busy doing that, Lord only knows what my motivation did with its two-year vacation.

But now all residents of Kamna’s Brain Land are back in business, so…let’s see how this goes.

Music: Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal (Saajan)

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